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    Looking for chubby short moms.. Send me email

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    Mostly there are no strings attached

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    Wasn\\\'t able to upload profile

    I've been having wifi problems and I wasn't able to even begin my profile. I was barely able to sign up, but now I'm grateful for the problems. Only thing my profile has currently is a screen name and yet according to my emails the ladies love me. I have over 30 messages in two days. The last time I fell for that on another website all of the messages read exactly the same but were from so called \\\"different\\\" women. Seems like its here for the money. I can't rate it a 1 or 2 because it wouldn't be fair. I'm not paying so I'm not actually using the site. Just speaking from past experience.\\r\\n \\r\\nAlso these 5 star ratings have the same type of grammer typos.

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