How do you know that you are going way too far with a flirt?

How do you know that you are going way too far with a flirt?

October 22, 2019

When you go out without your love or when you have a good click with a fellow student, it is very tempting to start flirting. But how do you know if you are going too far or not? These five signals indicate that it is better to take a step back in your flirting behavior.

You keep silent for your love

Ask yourself why you deliberately do not tell yourself about that one person. Is it because you realize that you have gone too far? Are there feelings in the game? Or do you just not want to make your love unnecessarily jealous?

Psychologists claim that you have gone too far during flirting if you dare not tell your love. This does not mean that you have cheated, but when you find that your flirtatious behavior has a negative impact on your and your love's confidence, it is time to put the brakes on and stop flirting.

 Your flirt knows things you don't know

You can also cheat emotionally. This occurs when you entrust things to your new flame that your sweetheart knows nothing at all, because your sweetheart should be one of the first people to express your heart to.

The explanation for this is very simple: you feel physically and / or emotionally more attracted to this new person than to your sweetheart. And that is very normal. However, it is important to consider the question: What does your flirt have that your love cannot give you?

You have non-stop flirting behavior

When you flirt almost constantly, you are probably not yet ready to commit to one person and make the emotional commitment to a long-term relationship.

Can't you control yourself in flirting? Then it is best to end your permanent relationship before your love becomes more committed to you.

You have inside jokes with your flirt

Inside jokes are not always as innocent as they seem! They are the next step to switch from a playful flirt to a more serious flirt. Why? Well, with inside jokes you create a bond with someone where you exclude other people. And you will not really appreciate that dearly.

You think more about your flirt than your love

When you hang out with your sweetheart in the couch but you sit with your thoughts with the other person, it becomes very dangerous.

It is quite normal that you get feelings for someone else, but it is important that you know how to resist yourself. If you do not succeed, you should think deeply about how you want to continue with your relationship.

What if you realize that you have gone too far?

Ask yourself: What would my future look like if I opted for the flirt and not for my love? If you realize that the flirt will never be anything serious, then you know that it is not worth giving up your relationship for this.

Yet it is also important to question your current relationship. Perhaps there is a reason why you look for other people. Therefore, be honest with your love. Talk about what you miss in the relationship so that you can work together on it. And who knows, afterwards your relationship will run better than ever before.

What can also help is to agree on flirting rules with your sweetheart. What is allowed and what isn't? That way you know better where to set your limits.

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