That way you know when a woman is flirting with you or just being nice

That way you know when a woman is flirting with you or just being nice

October 22, 2019

You sit at the bar and next to you a lady comes to order a drink. She smiles kindly, says hello or starts a conversation with you: what does this mean? She may be flirting with you, but she may also be 'just' nice.

One man will immediately think that she is flirting with him, while the other assumes that he is just dealing with a friendly woman. Nothing crazy, just adults in a bustling bar among themselves.

But it can go beyond this. You can bump into a nice lady and talk to her all evening. A good conversation, the same humor and from the outside she is also completely your type. What are you doing then?

Is she in the bar with friends this evening and is she dancing? Then it may just be that she sees you. But is she behind the bar and tapping your beers? Then of course there is a good chance that she is just a very good, charming and friendly bartender who knows how to handle her guests.

A joke here, free beer there: this is her job and she is good at this. The neighbor at the bar gets about the same jokes, so don't feel special and just go see your friends again.

She dances all night around you

You just met her at the bar and after a short conversation she is in your neighborhood all evening. You are doing a beer with friends, but she is dancing right next to you. And every time you look at whether she is still there, she looks at you 'by chance'. Coincidentally, not.

Try to sense the situation. There is a good chance that you are dealing with a shy lady who does not dare to approach you. Offer her a drink. Make contact and see what the evening brings.

She is going to freshen up

Of course you don't want to be assuming at the end of the evening that you are going to say goodbye with a kiss and then leave the tent with a high five at the moment. Awkward. So how do you know when a woman is flirting or just having fun?

After a pleasant conversation at the bar, the lady in question announces that she is going to freshen up. In a bad film it could be that she leaves through the back door. And so you are nervously staring at your whiskey in the hope that you are not in a bad mood.

Fortunately: she is coming back. This is the moment you have to pay attention to the details: what does she look like? A woman who is flirting with you is going to freshen up, after which she returns with loose hair and lipstick. A little touch up. And a sign for you that you are on the right track

Look at her body language

How many times have you heard that? And it makes sense. A closed posture, arms crossed and no eye contact: a simple sum for the fact that she is not interested in you.

That doesn't have to be your fault, maybe she just has a friend at home. Anyway, at least a sign for you that you should leave this lady alone.

She responds to your touch

The opposite of a closed attitude. Pay close attention to her response when you touch her. No, we are not saying that you should give a complete massage in a bar. We are talking about small and light touches. Touching her arm or shoulder when she's joking.

What does she do then? Does she stiffen or does she continue to smile undisturbed and do you get a pat on the back? Signs that she is enjoying herself and that she is open-minded.

She behaves differently with you

She is a cozy and friendly appearance anyway, but around you she is just a little nicer. She laughs the most at your jokes, she always asks interested questions and keeps the conversation going.

She is also nice to your friends, but it is clear to everyone that most of the attention goes to you. Go for it.

She emphasizes that she is single

Did she say she didn't have a boyfriend? And that she is single? And that means that there is no man in her life?

If during a conversation she shows that she is single, then she is open for a pleasant time with you. It may also happen that this topic is not covered all evening and then it may just be that you are dealing with a very pleasant woman, who just has a boyfriend at home.

Not surprising to mention that topic once during a nice conversation. No need to be too direct, but you can get a lot of clarity between nose and lips.

She is talking about fun things she wants to do

A film that she would like to see, a bar that she wants to visit again or a beach walk that she has been looking forward to for weeks. Subjects you can do something with. Beach? What are you going to do tomorrow? Get a breath of fresh air together!

They are all hints from her that you as a man can do something with. And from her reaction you can immediately see what she exactly wants. She responds enthusiastically to your proposal for a beach walk? Exchange those numbers and see what happens!

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